Kama (Kamdev) Gayatri – Marriage & Love Mantra

March 29, 2009 - 3:19 am 52 Comments

"Om kAmadevAya vidmahe puSpabANAya dhimahi tann 'nagaH pracodayAt" Some do not use "Om" but "Kleem" instead. "Effect: A Gayatri to heal your Love life and Love related problems. Procedure : The traditional Mala-jap can be done. As per me, no time constraints to please the almighty. "This is believed to be chanted by Gaudiya Vaishnavas before the 'Hare Krishna' mahamantra became popular which helped them to divert all their Love towards Krishna/Vishnu." –srikanthdk71 "It is more of self …

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52 Responses to “Kama (Kamdev) Gayatri – Marriage & Love Mantra”

  1. lettersfromnyc Says:

    someone once told …
    someone once told me that: Rejection is the almighty’s way of providing protection when we can’t let go of someone that isn’t good for us. I have seen proof that this is true in hindsight after running into my former beloveds only to find them in awful, unhappy and unspiritual situations making everyone miserable around them. my first lov has abused alcohol & people for 25 years and he managed to only stay sober for a total of 8 yrs in that time. that’s a lot of selfdestruction… be grateful.

  2. LilaSakura Says:

    Hi Jan, mantras …
    Hi Jan, mantras generally work on a subtle level. 40 days to 6 months, sometimes longer, depending on the nature of the problem & the karmic debt involved, of course there’s Divine Grace. The impossible can be made possible and vice versa. If you are asking for an ideal love & this man does not fit that, your intention/prayers will repel this relationship, unless there is some lesson or debt to be worked out. Keep praying as you feel drawn to go within & attract better when the time is right

  3. janbebe42 Says:

    I was using this …
    I was using this with the man I love but we had alot of issues and he is long distance in a rehab for AA. He seemed to be loving me more and more and then suddenly we talked and he said he did not wa nt to see me – to end the relationship as he had moved o n. DID THIS SONG someone drive him away because he is not suppose to be with me or what…………..also I do law of attraction soul mate videos to attract love and I lost my love (3 in over 2 years now!). my heart aches…………….

  4. LilaSakura Says:

    Hi naffoulat & …
    Hi naffoulat & calgirls, sure, if that is your intention (or you visualize this) when chanting, it could help you with this (:

  5. calgirls Says:

    LOL! I have the …
    LOL! I have the same questions:)

  6. LilaSakura Says:

    Hi Somasondara, it …
    Hi Somasondara, it is “tanno nanga” (:

  7. somasondara Says:

    Hello Lila.

    o Lila.
    Beautiful mantra. I love it !!
    I would like to know about the last line…is Tannon anga or tanno nanga ?
    Thanks !

  8. sbjsm09 Says:

    naffoulat: I think …
    naffoulat: I think Lila Sakura in response to Mamuay’s query has beautifully explained the procedure with clear intention keeping in mind while chanting. u too try it the same way. The best way in my opinion is to keep it playing in your home for as long possible at least for 40 days. The Lord Kamdeva wud bring u a loving guy. It happens really believe me.Just keep patience and stop thinking about anything else than the sound or lyrics of the mantra. Try to sing with it.

  9. sbjsm09 Says:

    it cud b lyricised …
    it cud b lyricised for non Hindis as :


  10. naffoulat Says:

    how cvould i use …
    how cvould i use this mantra to catch a husband?

  11. universal4f Says:


  12. seaofclay Says:

    VERY GOOD!!!
    VERY GOOD!!!

  13. kunga666 Says:

    Thank you for all …
    Thank you for all your work and effort in providing these GREAT chants to the youtube community. May you be blessed and happy in all you do.


  14. LilaSakura Says:

    Hi Shipa, it is …
    Hi Shipa, it is available for free d/l on mantra . lilasakura . com (I will be redoing this webpage)

  15. myprivatezone Says:


    Great …

    Great chanting. I feel good change in me and in my home by simply playing this mantra. I m interested to play it whole day long without any break in the continuity for 40 days. Please suggest how could i do this because it is not available in CD form in the market.


  16. pon480 Says:

    Thanks Lila…
    Thanks Lila…

  17. LilaSakura Says:

    Hi Mamuay, on his …
    Hi Mamuay, on his own website, he has a video, Google “Dattas Mantra: Kleem Cleaned Up My Relationships, by Christina, USA” (A girl having success with it).
    The Kleem/Klim bij mantra of Lord Kama (Love, Eastern Cupid) or Krishna (as well as aspect of Devi/Mother). It is neutral (sex).
    It is the energy of attraction that can be used to pull mundane or Divine Love or things to us based on our intention/visualization during chant. Some ask for nothing to let the Divine give what is best/highest.

  18. LilaSakura Says:

    Hi Pon, that’s for …
    Hi Pon, that’s for the “Gayatri Mantra” not “Kamdev Gayatri”
    I was told by my Pandit friend from India online too, it is ok for women to chant “Gayatri Mantra” after menopause (side effects being possibly developing mense irregularities/masculine traits). But others say it is ok in Kali Yuga. Not everyone has access to ask a guru, so what does inner voice tell you? I personally don’t chant very much the “Gayatri Mantra” but many women around the world do and seem fine (:

  19. pon480 Says:

    Hi Lila i read in …
    Hi Lila i read in an website that Girls should read gayatir i mantra..is it true?
    And the website aslo states reading kama gayatri will have lot of sid effects is it true?

  20. LoveMyTenderness Says:

    Thanks, Lila. I’ll …
    Thanks, Lila. I’ll do my best :)

  21. mamuay Says:

    Thank you so much …
    Thank you so much for this video Lila – i am confused about Kleem – i am a female would like to heal love problems with man – but dattatreya siva baba had said in his video that kleem is to attract female only – please answer my question about kleem – thank you very much

  22. LilaSakura Says:

    Hi Love, mantra …
    Hi Love, mantra chanting can create tremendous power that can cause changes as it cleanses. Discomfort can come with fast and large karmic burn-off. Sometimes it can be a sign not to chant this mantra for now, listen within and trust your Self. (:

  23. LoveMyTenderness Says:

    LilaSakura, good …
    LilaSakura, good day.
    Tell me, please, is it possible to feel some pain in diaphragm (maybe just a little above celiac plexus) while chanting? I felt so yesterday and today. When I stopped chanting I felt OK (without any pain). Thanks.

  24. AgentX528hz Says:

    Thank you so much …
    Thank you so much for replying back to me LilaSakura. You have been a great help to me in breaking down the mantra for me in an easy way for me to say it.

  25. pon480 Says:

    Thanks Lila.
    Thanks Lila.

  26. H Says:

    is it ethical to use this mantra to attract someone specific no matter how much you love them? are you not affecting someone’s freewill?

  27. H Says:

    I have been chanting this mantra for 19 days now. It’s day 20 tomorrow; however, I have not heard/no sign of him. Does this start working ‘after’ 40 days? Has anyone experienced positive outcomes with it? The comments were slightly worrying!

  28. gaurav kapoor Says:

    I met a girl 2yrs back at a coaching centre. I fell in love with her but bnot dared to told her that.But after leaving the coaching about 2 yrs I still cannot forget herand somnetimes I see her in my dream.Will KAMDEV MANTRA help me to get back that girl as my love?

  29. gaurav kapoor Says:

    I met a girl 2yrs back at a coaching centre. I fell in love with her but not dared to told her that.But after leaving the coaching about 2 yrs I still cannot forget her and somnetimes I see her in my dream.Will KAMDEV MANTRA help me to get back that girl as my love?

  30. Nikita Says:

    I wants to share my problem of love privatly, may i know your mail id please mail me. i am need of right direction

  31. uday Says:

    i want kamadevi vasikarana manthra

  32. jasmine Says:

    hi i want to know about kamadeva mantra because i lost my love 5 months ago, something happened very wierd , we neither broke up nor fight. but i don’t wanna to loose him forever. can u tell me will this kamadeva mantra helped me to get my love back nad how wll i have to used this in details
    will really appreciated you

  33. Chinnu Says:

    I am loving one guy, he also loves me very much,But we both are very afraid to tell that in from of our parents. May i know which mantra help to lead us to successful marriage.

  34. neetesh sahu Says:

    hello can you plz tell me…this mantra will be work or not…i dont know …how to do…plz tell me…what should we say after 1 mantra..girl name ??

  35. Jaime Says:


    Can anyone help me find a downoadable version of Lila Sakura’s Green Tara mantra – we have just had a baby girl who we called Tara and I came across this mantra on You Tube and both my wife and I, as well as Tara have fallen in love with it and want to get a copy so we can play on MP3 in her room to help sooth her?

    Any help greatly appreciated!


    Jaime x

  36. Gabrielle Says:

    I chanted this mantra early dec of 2010, 108 times, the next day I heard from my ex. I chanted this mantra for a week, then due to time and just life getting in the way I stopped. However me and my ex are not on speaking terms again. This time I promised to love myself, and chant it for me to forgive myself. I do hope to get back with my ex… But I first must come to terms and accept what we are right now- and that is not together.

  37. jonny22 Says:

    I was having relationship wid a girl past five years from my college time ,but in feb’11 i got a cal from her dat she will not continue her relationship wid me as her parents had decided to fix her marriage somewhere n they wont agree for our relationship due to intercaste .but my parents are ready to accept her.so plz help me how do i use dis mantra to get her back and convince her family.

  38. jonny22 Says:

    i was in a relationship with a girl since last 5trs but in feb’11 she called me and said that she wont be able to continue her relationship with me as her parents are not getting ready for the intercaste marriage and they have searched a boy for her from there caste , so please tell me would this kama gayatri mantra help me in getting her back and convincing her parents and how to chant it to get good effect of it……..plz tell me soon.

  39. jonny22 Says:

    plz reply me with a answer.

  40. rajesh Says:

    plez tell me ? how to use kama gayathri mantra

    tell om or kleem attracting person name where it is fixit

    regads /rajes

  41. mm Says:

    i were in a relationship with a boy for 6 years, we faced all the problems together but when our matter was finally agreed by our parents and were about to engage suddenly some problems were created and he left me,, now he left me and even my family are not ready to accept him unless he change his approach towards everyone, but he thinks that i have changed and i dont love him and thats why he is leaving me. i dont know what to do. i want both my familly and love.

    can this mantra help me? is it not against free will?
    he once loved me like anything but now he say’s he dont want me, but i still feel that he still loves me, but i dont know what is going wrong.

  42. sabine Says:


    I started chanting this mantra and after a few days of chanting, the person I was with said he did not have time for me anymore. Does this mantra bring him back?

  43. rajesh tiwari Says:


  44. rajesh tiwari Says:


  45. rajesh tiwari Says:


  46. rajesh tiwari Says:


  47. m Says:

    i love a boy our relation was in a stage to be converted into marriage but some problem happened between him and my family and he left me, he still loves me but he dont want to come back because he feels that he cant adjust with my family. can anyone help me? i had chanted this mantra from july in between he called me but again he went away. please help me!

  48. Sonam Says:

    Hi, I ‘ve been chanting this Kamdev Gayatri mantra for 18 days (1 round daily). However, yesterday due to a family get together, I could not finish my 1 round, though I chanted this mantra for about 50 times and was interrupted in between. Do I need to start all over again for another 40 day cycle or can I resume 1 round from today again and finish the first 40 day cycle period?

  49. smilingtears Says:

    Hi lila… pls advice that what should a girl chant ? Om or kleem ?
    n does it have any side effects ? also pls advise can we write down this mantra daily ?? And what is the suitable time to chant this mantra ? Morning or evening ?? Please do advice !! Thank you

  50. sravan kumar Says:

    I have loved a girl very sincerely now she iz my life but she iz hating me since 6 months wat to i do? she is my life love can i get back her with this mantra how to chant this mantra how it will workk plzzz i love her a lot

  51. aaditya Says:

    Please give reply to my question.
    Me and one girl are in love for 2 years.
    From last 7-8 months she is not talking to me.
    She is not treating me as a human at least.
    I want to marry her.
    Can u please tell me that with this mantra will she come to my life again.
    Please any one can reply me if they have any experiences with this mantra chanting.
    How it is differed with krishna mantra and kali mantras

  52. sandeep Says:

    Can we chant 40 in 1 day instead of 40 days

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