Advice on how to get over break up during pregnancy?

June 7, 2009 - 3:38 am 11 Comments

i am having a very difficult time…and i'm very hurt. anyone have any advice on getting through this? i'm trying to focus on the baby..but it still is really hard.

thank you

i am going through this exact thing!!! there is no real way to get over it unfortuantely =( you kinda jus have to wait it out. its the worst feeling in the world. we can talk about it if you want email me im not like a creeper promise 18 and 32 weeks pregnant =)

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11 Responses to “Advice on how to get over break up during pregnancy?”

  1. 1stTimeMommy Says:

    i am going through this exact thing!!! there is no real way to get over it unfortuantely =( you kinda jus have to wait it out. its the worst feeling in the world. we can talk about it if you want email me im not like a creeper promise 18 and 32 weeks pregnant =)
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  2. cbrownie Says:

    Aw, I'm so sorry. It may have been for the best though; what kind of guy leaves a woman after she's pregnant with his baby? A louse. You don't need that kind of person in your life. Just keep hanging on to your family and friends. Their positive emotional support is what you need now. You're doing the right thing thinking about the baby but you need to think about you too. Sometimes just being in the company of good friends can help more than you know.
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  3. kc Says:

    Aw, girl. I don't know exactly how you feel but I know during pregnancy
    it's extremely hard because your emotions are running high. Is this person the father of your baby? If so, what a jerk! I know it's tough but you need to try and get out. Maybe go out with your girlfriend's for lunch or movie. Go exercising, it helps relieve stress, plus it's good for your baby and you. The best thing to do, is keep busy. Time will only heal.

    God bless.
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    22 weeks pregnant.

  4. Mizundastood Says:

    Did you just brake up with your babies father???
    If so then maybe you shouldn't be getting over it, you should make things work as much as possible for the child! A child deserves to at least be brought in the world with 2 parents….
    On the other hand if its not the father then think of it this way right now your child is your first priority stressing over another guy could potentially make you miscarriage or go into premature labor. So forget dude and start making quilts or something to occupy your mind. Good-luck and much success for you and your unborn child.
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  5. Spark Says:

    I agree; keep your focus on the baby and all the wonderful things that change and grow about the baby during this time. If this guy was the father of your baby, it is a jerk thing for him to do, but he is prbly scared too. Give him his space and he may surprise you in the future. Just keep busy, and keep looking forward. Sounds silly I know, but go pamper yourself with a mani/ pedi; it really does make you feel good, even if only for a while. You need a treat! And by all means, like the other girl said, go walking. It will clear your head and do you (& the baby) so much good, I promise.
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  6. Understands Says:

    I’m going through the same situation. Was getting ready to marry the father of my baby… 7 months pregnant and he told me last week that he doesn’t think he can go through with it! I haven’t really heard from him at all since then. It hurts and I’m still in shock. I told my family and friends and have been in contact with them a lot. Support really helps, working out and going to the movies helps also. I don’t think the pain will ever will go away but I believe it will fade. I already feel better and I’m not crying everynight like I was. You will be a good Mom for your son and yes you can do it alone. It is not going to be easy but you are receiving a great gift and trust me your partner will regret not being there. They only thing you can really do is take it one day at a time and keep reminding yourself what a strong and worthy women you are! You are going to be someones omom and shape their lives that is a very important role and a great honor.

  7. Falling Apart Says:

    Well me and my bf if thats what u want to call it but he has been acting like the total opposite since I got pregnant. And I SWEAR its the worst feeling in the world! I mean b4 I got pregnant we saw each other everyday and now i havent been with him in a month, we barley talk, he dont call and check on me or nothing. Its like i dont exist 2 him. I know he’s seeing other people and if it wasnt so hard to let go I would!!!!!! Like seriously it hurts so bad im literally stoping myself from crying. I cry almost every single day. I never expected it to be anything like this butim just gonna try to be strong for my child because if nobody cares i do more than anything in this world!!! I just want to move on…

  8. diva Says:

    my boyfriend had broke up with me and a week later i found out i was pregnant! we go to the same school and i only need 3 months to graduate but i cant find the strength to get up and go so i might hve to transfer. he didnt believe me when i first told him thinkin that it was just anothe way to trap him finally his mother called for him because he still cant find it in him to be a man and asked if it was true. when he finally believed me he cursed me out saying he was seening someone else and that im a whore even though we was together for a year now he wants nothing to do with me or anything….this i think is the hardest thing i ever had to go through and im only 9 weeks so im really afraid to have a miscarrage with all of my stress! i feel like this pain is going to last forever and i might not find nobody to love me or the baby. my family and friends are just telling me to do for myself but if anyone knows that its harder to do then to say its me!……..

  9. mbrown Says:

    I am going through this now, its hard for me cause this is my third child while the other two where miscarriages. He was there for more and we were so close. We broke up a few years and reunited and I got pregnant. Things are so different now, some nights I cry knowing what we had but I try to stay positive and not argue with him and take it one day at a time, some days are easier hands others. I\’m 18 wks pregnant. Good luck to those in this situation. I understand!

  10. b.j.'s mom Says:

    My husband says that the only reason he hasn’t asked me took leave is because of my son and the baby that I’m carrying in my belly. I’m absolutely terrified because I left my job and family to move her so we could be married and live on the same state. Since I’ve been here in Washington D.C. I’ve been unable to find a job in the legal field and have been working part time at a restaurant and legal temp jobs to pay my bills. I’m alone with 1 1/2 kids in a month because he is having a house built but he’s decided that he doesn’t want me to move in. Lease is up in June and unless I find a job I won’t have a place to go. I’ve been trying to find jobs but I’m starting to show and I’m not sure how much longer I can hide the bump. I life my baby so much I’m just sad that right now my husband nor I are enjoying this pregnancy the way this baby deserves. I understand what everyone is saying.

  11. Jasmine Says:

    Ugh!! Guys are idiots…i recently am going through the same thing any advice from the ladies that got over the babies father I’m 26 weeks and I know I have been getting on his nervous but why do we argue so much now is it really me who changed I never wanted my child tp be raised by two parents who hates each other now he don’t pick up my phone calls or return them and I called multiple times and when he finally piked up he said what jasmine what do u want? That was today all I kno is last sunday he was supose to take me baby shopping I spent time with him that wednesday b4 I got mad.because of somthing stupidand came sat he didnt pick up the phone I questioned him he responded don’t I said well don’t question me and are u still taking me baby shoping he said he was sleepy and I cont. To argue he hung u and we haven’t spoken in about a week I been callingim afraid hess really done he texted and said don’t call unless iys about my son butit has been and he still haven’t picked up the phpne should I just forget about him I missed my doctors appt. Because I had no way hes acting reallymean its hurting my feelings alot what should I do

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