"Are You Afraid and Concerned about the Survival of Your Marriage?

Are Endless Fightings With your Spouse Destroying all your Peace and Joy?"

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From the author of:
"Turning Conflicts into True Love" !

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Tuesday, June 25th

Dear Friend,
Is your relationship in trouble? Were you hoping that you might find something on this site that would help you realize what is happening, solve the problem and get things 'back to normal' again? Or do you want your relationship to be even better than before, better than you ever thought possible?


You fall in love and it looks like now, at last, you will have a companion, someone to share wonderful moments together, and this gleaming new life unfolds in front of you both.
You are thrilled and so grateful to life that has given you a new opportunity to experience love...They are some light disputes, of course, but you take them in stride because you think they are part of the process of learning how to share daily life by doing decisions together. Further along the path, however you begin to notice that your spouse is always getting upset by your differences, showing his anger and frustration and escalating disputes into open fights...complete with him yelling and screaming blame at you!

Suddenly you find that you spend most of your day thinking about your unsolved needs, being frustrated and resentful about the fights, and terribly sad because you are watching your relationship becoming a battlefield...

And there is much more we need to talk about:
Is it your deep wish to wake up tomorrow to a smiling, attentive spouse, totally tuned into making you happy?
If your dream comes true, and you can have the healthy relationship you dream about, do you know what it looks like?


How do you describe a healthy relationship?

  • One that has a basic sense of trust: you can trust your partner to support you through thick and thin;
  • One that assumes that your partner is the person that appreciates you the most; no other person in the world has such respect and admiration for you;
  • One where the inevitable differences are learning opportunities that challenge each other to better understand and love his/her partner?
    One that excites and surprises you and makes your days filled with joy?

Why is this? Because both people included are supporting each other, non-competing but sharing; both appreciative of the place of each other's gifts inside the relationship.


Have you been always dreaming of this nurturing and supportive partnership, only to wake up to the coldness of a harsh reality where there are too many conflicts between you and the person you love?
Do you find yourself now asking a basic question:


"What is going on here, that the promise of love and companionship has evolved into a constant battle where I feel frustrated, lonely, and sadder than ever before?
How did I end up here and what can I do to recover peace and love inside MY MARRIAGE?"

There are many answers to this question, here we invite you to consider: Is it possible that you have been expressing your needs in a way that your loved one feels as negative? Your partner will only exhibit the best part of him/herself once you stop doing things he/she can perceive as fighting and quarrelling. What you have been doing up until now has composed perhaps the problem, and hurt people around you, without your knowing what was the effect of it.

If you knew what to change, sure you would behave in a more attractive way, right? like what?



  • Be Able to See Through a Confrontation, Spotting The Real Issues At Once.
  • Eliminate your Fears of Confronting your Partner!!!
  • Feel Strong and Confident!
  • Have to Power To Express Your Own Feelings, and Defend your Points of Views Without Offending Anyone.
  • Eliminate the Need of going into Hiding, Retreat or Avoidance, putting and end to silent suffering.
  • Knowing What to Say...
  • Knowing How to Say It.


Not really! Read on!

Most of the conversations in relationships that fail consist of
reacting automatically to each other and 'pushing each other's buttons.'

Neil Warner


Without realizing it, probably what you have been doing up until now has composed the problem, and hurt people around you. Most of us never got any training in how to manage disputes, and so we escalate, cause unnecessary hurt and open wounds difficult to heal.

In my own story, I have realized much later the impact of my own words on people I loved...too late to understand why my loved ones were distant, frustrated or simply aggressive with me....People finally lost all trust on me, and expected always angry reactions from me!

I had failed to identify their needs and was pushing only for mine, in such an aggressive way that I was ignoring the relationship...Nobody told me how to care for the link with other people, I only understood my need to defend myself!!

It took me years and much thinking and reflection on my own life and my friends' life stories to discover basic truths on relationships...You will be surprised to discover the real role of conflict in your relationship...
This is what I have learned in the harsh school of life:

CONFLICT is not intended to make you two grow apart, but to help learn the basic truth about how to deal with each other!

You need two to have a dispute, but to repair your relationship, you need only One Person: YOU!

Neil Warner, Editor
Creative Conflict Resolutions


When frustration builds up, we escalate by being angry, oppositional and violent. Demanding, challenging and requesting that the other should change first, so then we will do the behavior that has a positive impact in the relationship, is a dead end. What we do to defend ourselves, the other side experiences as emotional abuse! And you never intended it to be abusive!
Consequently, if you knew how to stop nagging, doing knee-jerk reactions and change your communication NOW, your partner will automatically react differently. And you will have your needs met!
There is a simple, yet effective, process to manage disputes even before they appear.


"Turning Conflicts into True Love"  

Stop having your buttons pushed;

Stop pushing other people’s buttons;

Stop confrontations from escalating into aggression;

Determine what actions you need to do to solve confrontations;

Build strength and confidence in your skills;

Understand what is going on under ANY fight;

Experience higher self-esteem and a much more satisfying life;

GROW YOUR PERSONAL POWER every step of the way

As soon as you start using this techniques, I promise you, you'll notice dramatic transformations in your marriage and partner's behavior immediately! Best of all, you'll learn what is the root of many marital conflicts and be able to provide an immediate solution to this challenge... Why leave it to chance?

Even if you think now that your relationship style is hopeless, that you have no power against disputes that appear suddenly in your life, and that you've tried everything and nothing worked,

WE GUARANTEE that this book secrets will WORK for you!

What if you could master hidden techniques that will give you the power to:

Change the course of things and put your relations back in track;
Move your relations from avoidance to closeness (at your own will);
Lose any fear of inter-personal conflict;
Learn what to say and how to say it to stop aggression;
Boost your confidence and change the way the others perceive you;

"Turning Conflicts into True Love" is the most clear, easy-to-follow and comprehensive system available for people like you, in a marriage crisis due to excessive conflicts, (either because of lack of skills to do Fair Fighting, or due to different backgrounds or expectations) who wish to rescue their marriage and get back on track to a healthy, long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

"Thousands of people worldwide, just like you, have used the conflicts secrets offered here, to stop having fear of confrontation and learning how to manage disagreements in the process. Will you be next?"

Now you can improve your relationship almost immediately without compromising your self-respect or having to beg for your partner's agreement.  

Even if your relationship has already disintegrated and fallen apart because of the past high level of conflict, there is still a chance for success!

The best part is that other people in your life don't have to change! You don't have to ask anyone to do things, they will do them because your behavior is moving them to do so!

Dear Peace Seeker :

Are too frequent disputes and fights getting the joy of being married out of the picture? Are you looking for something that can help save your relationship?

After so many moments of anguish and confrontation, are you seeking for a real solution to restore marital harmony and hope? Is it that you only hope to solve the present problem and get your relationship 'back to normal' again?

Or finally you are ready now to have a more than decent relationship, with more peace and joy than before, and better than you ever thought possible?

If you look at your relationship now, and think that:

  • can't take another shouting match, and so in order to recover peace of mind and respect, your only choice is to leave?
  • the pain of yelling and insults and nasty words hurting you too much?

Marriage conflict is the most sad of outcomes given the fact that you got married to have company and love, right?

"If you need to change this type of unhealthy angry relationship, which is destroying your happiness, then you have come to the right place.

We created "Turning Conflicts into True Love" with YOU in mind, so you can turn your fights into a mutually supportive discussion with your loved one... which will give you immensely satisfying results FAST"...

Even if you are experiencing such severe communication issues that now the pain is too much and so you clam up, preferring be silent and not express any of your needs just to avoid more hurt!

"Turning Conflicts into True Love" is the most clear, easy-to-follow and comprehensive system available for people like you, in a marriage crisis due to excessive fighting, who wish to rescue their marriage and get back on track to a healthy, long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

"Thousands of people worldwide, just like you, have used the conflicts secrets offered here, to stop having fear of confrontation and learning how to manage disagreements in the process. Will you be next?"

Neil Warner, Writer and Editor
Creative Conflict Resolutions
Florida, USA

Here is Jim’s story:

I had been waiting to have a good relationship the last fifteen years, dating different women, when I met Isabella. She was different, and blew my heart away.

But we fought a lot, and while I tried my best to be always calm and reasonable, she began seeing me as uncaring and selfish. I was pretty desperate, trying to convince her of my love and getting systematically rejected. She would not even accept to talk to me about the relationship!

And then, someone talked to me about "Turning Conflicts into True Love" book, and I began to see things in a different perspective. Now, I know how to use my words to come across as firm but seriously caring, and she listens to me, and even developed a new interest in spending her life with me. 

All the while I was being calm, she was reading me as cold and controlling! but now I know how to express myself in the most positive way!

Turning Conflicts into True Love Image

Let's face it:
We Are Not Very Logical When It Comes To Relationships!

Human beings enter into affective relationships with their emotions open but justify them afterwards only with logic. Then, even though we didn't use our heads in the first place, we expect our relationships to stay perfect and wonderful.

The truth is that we begin relationships with positive emotions (love and respect) but when conflict appears we replace them with negative ones. In all truth, we can't think with our emotions, but we believe we can.

If this makes sense, here are four things for you to consider:

  • Negative emotions (fear, mistrust, anger) are imprinted in us (Unfortunately, we don’t realize how frequent this is.)
  • Negative feelings can shape ours, and theirs perceptions. (And we don’t realize this is happening).
  • We trust our feelings, even being negative, to give us solutions to intellectual problems (Feelings can't do that)
  • It’s the way we express and frame our perceptions that builds a negative interaction that scares people away.

How much is keeping your relationship worth? And being secure in your other relationships, at work, with bosses, friends? Can you see now that "Turning Conflicts into True Love" is a very small investment compared with the benefits? Because you will even manage every other relationship better, after learning how to do conflict in a loving way with your spouse.

What about the other people in your life for whom it might be important to repair and keep their relationship ... like your siblings, parents or friends?

The quality of our lives depends on the quality of the relationships we have with other people. The choice is yours: caffe latte, or your happy life.

The is guaranteed to show you, step by step how to defuse or confront with respect, and start making your relationships better.
The real questions are:
Do you really want to keep your present relationships as miserable as they are now?
Do you just only want to complain about how bad and frustrating they are?
What does your intuition tell you?
If you could turn the clock back to when you two first met, how would you like to relive it, or even better: to begin knowing how to build a much stronger, substantial and mature relationship as well?
If you believe that your relationship is a good match, then consider:

• If you think it's too late, it's not.
• If you "know" that it's hopeless, it's not.
• If you've given up, don't.
• If you're convinced that your partner would never want to come back, think again.
• If you want your relationship back, you can have it, and as good as, and maybe better that it has ever been.

The book will show you how to make it happen. GUARANTEED!
The book has some concepts, theories and explanations, but it also presents step-by-step instructions for stopping conflict escalation into fights and repairing damaged relationships RIGHT NOW!
Remember, we're not very logical when it comes to establishing and maintaining our relationships. We only use logic to find excuses for being defensive and to justify why the relationship isn't working.

In "Turning Conflicts into True Love," you will finally know what to do to express yourself, resolve differences and intensify respect and love for each other!

If you're not happy with your relationship and choose to leave without ordering the book, fine. Just don't leave because you think that you'll find a better solution because most likely you will not. If you keep doing the same things as always, you will get the same results as always.
Did you know that divorce rate for second marriages is much higher than for first ones? and this is high enough already!
Before you decide to quit, check if you have all the positive answers to the following questions:

Do you know what you're going to do differently or how different you're going to be in your next relationship?
How do you know if your new approach in your new relationship will work?
Do you actually have that new approach worked out so you can now find a perfectly matched soul mate?

If you answered even only one question as negative, you owe to yourself the repair ofyour present relationship first and then if you want to go, go. This failed relationship will help you try the new techniques without regret.
 Then at least you know that you aren't going to repeat the same mistakes....and that you did a good faith effort to better communicate before leaving!


Here Is What Others Are Saying:

“I have been reading the first few chapters and am very happy and relieved to find such a terrific resource. It really fits with the direction I’ve been taking, personally and with clients.”
                                                           --S.F., Therapist

“I ordered your book and read the whole thing in a day.  I loved it! Now, I can be myself, respect others and keep the relationship! What a relief! Thanks so much for the resource!”

“What a turn-around! Our relationship is 180 degrees reversed and moving in the RIGHT direction! I'm sending the message that I really care for him and our marriage loud and clear! He is changing in from of my eyes, and I can't stop smiling....Thank you so much!”

“My marriage has been in trouble for years.  I’ve read many other books. . . your ideas are radically different from the others.  I’ve never read anything like it. Now, things are improving. I finally have hope!”

“Our marriage is back on track! After so much fighting that I was hopeless, now what an incredible gift.  Thank you so much.”

I sat and read last night. I read from about 7pm to 12am. I am amazed! After reading, I have a whole new outlook on our relationship, and can see the needs below the infighting. I am now prepared to make the necessary changes and apply the fair fighting techniques to have the marriage I've always wanted.

Or this longer note just received:

"I have been carrying this issue of resentment with my parents, thinking that they did those terrible things to me in purpose...it took a while to understand that they were criatures of their own time and culture....Even then, I spend two months fighting with the concept of how trapped they were in their mindsets as not to see me, or their other children. They never expressed any affection to us, always embroiled in problems of their own making.

Obviously, they could not learn from the test of surviving this chaotic life of theirs....When I see how you define people as trapped in their brains, and only doing confrontations in the only and ineffective way they learned...well, I can begin to accept that they had not a lot of choices, and begin forgiving them. They were only puppets of what they learned in life, and I hope not to be another. I want to be able to say what I want and be sure not to offend but also not to be silenced.

Full of thanks, Marguerite Adler.”  



Reading "Turning Conflicts into True Love," you’ll discover:

  • How to communicate different positions with respect;
  • How to use conflict to deepen your relationship and appreciate better what the other has to give, even with a cross-cultural loved one;
  • What the rules for Fair Fighting are, and how you can apply them;
  • Why arguing is dangerous, and the amazingly simple secret to get around it;
  • How to become a team, even when you feel like confronting;
  • Why winning a fight is so destructive to a relationship;
  • How to deal with problems involving sex or money;
  • How to make paradigm shifts (literally, quantum leaps!) in the relationship;
  • Much, much more about how to transform your communication;
  • In short, how to have excellent relationships;


P.S., I have included some extra information at the end of the book.  It lets you know how you can reach me for more assistance,

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Don’ t hesitate.  Remember, you can have this invaluable information in your hands in less than 10 minutes.

Are you ready for a change?  Are you ready for the relationship of your dreams? 


Still Not Convinced? Read On:

Here Are Two More Quotes:

  • “I recently purchased your ebook about rescuing relationships and spent the last week reading it. I don't know how to express my how I feel about it other than to just say wow ! I was convinced within the very first chapter as I could see the truth of it in my own life and relationship.
    Since  I found your ebook, it not only affirmed my decision to stay, but helped me to see things in a clearer perspective. Your book has helped me understand the issues in all my relationships  with friends, coworkers, family, my boss, and most importantly with my children. I cannot say yet that it has saved my relationship with my former wife as of yet but it has helped tremendously. She now listens to what I say with a respectful attitude, which was never before.

  • “For the record let me just say that your book is the most sensible, real self help book of any kind that I have read.
    These things that you talk about in your book are real, so simple---THEY JUST MAKE SENSE!!
    My relationship with my supervisor has gotten so much better !! thank you, thank you thank you”

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That's right! Take your time to use and examine my crucial information, and techniques. That's 60 days to put these valuable strategies to work on your Relationship.

Try the techniques yourself. Try as many of the tips as you can. Once you have used these strategies on your own anger management plan, I'm confident that you'll NEVER want to send it back!

But, if you aren't satisfied for any reason, or it doesn't live up to your expectations, just send me an email and your payment will be refunded. Right up to the final day of this 60 days guarantee. No questions, No hassle

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Here Is One Final Letter:

“ Thank you so much for your help. I want you to know that I started reading it last night and couldn't wait to get up and  start reading again this morning. I'm already on page 35, and feel so much better about myself and my intentions. I can tell you this so far...I have been negative and confrontational, "only to be right," without realizing the damage I was causing! But now I know that I'm giving it my best by reading your book, and learning the Fair Fighting technique!  I have exactly what I need to make our relationship not only work, but stronger."                                                      


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